League of Legends Lessons - Learn How to Play

We provide the best League of Legends lessons from the best League of Legends coaches. All lessons come with a full money back guarantee.

Rates start from US$20 per hour, depending on the experience of the coach. Each lesson is 1 hour long and conducted over Skype voice chat. Check out the full list of LoL coaches. Coaches are available to help you with all roles:
  • Top lane / Bruiser
  • Mid lane / AP carry
  • Bottom lane / AD carry
  • Support
  • Jungler

For your first lesson, we recommend you try our featured coach: Valkrin.

Why we are better

Are you considering booking a League of Legends lesson elsewhere? Ask yourself if you can trust other providers in the same way you can trust Gamer Institute.

  • Each lesson is guaranteed by Gamer Institute, regardless of the coach
  • Every payment results in an official tax receipt on our letterhead
  • All lessons are specifically tailored to your requirements
  • You can ask for a lesson plan
  • We take your feedback seriously and don’t tolerate bad coaches
  • Gamer Institute is a company, not a hobby!

Types of lessons

League of Legends is a complex game, and depending on your level, some approaches to teaching are better than others. Here are some approaches your coach might suggest:

  • Strategy discussion
  • Replay analysis
  • Live play with spectator coach
  • Live duo-queue
  • Results review
  • Mechanics exercises
  • Custom build creation