Coaching - How it works

For the most part, coaching follows a pretty simple process. You book a lesson with a coach and then user online communications tools to participate in the lesson. Getting started is easy.

The lesson

Every lesson, coach, and player is different however below are some common things you can expect to experience should you participate in a few lessons:

  • Review and analysis of replays of your past games
  • Live analysis and instruction while playing practice games
  • One-on-one games versus your coach, working on specific game aspects
  • Development of practice techniques and regimes
  • Strategic analysis and formal theory discussion
  • Goal setting and skills development planning
  • Question and answer sessions

The vast majority of our lessons happen online so you will need to ensure everything is confirmed and that you are ready come lesson time.


There are few simple items required for you to complete a coaching session:

  • Voice communication – You must have access to some form of online voice communication software so that coaches can provide their instruction. The most popular tool for this is Skype (free) however most coaches will be happy to oblige reasonable requests for other software.
  • In-game account – You must have an in-game account available for use during your lesson. It is also required for your coach to be able to contact you.
  • Miscellaneous – Depending on your coach and lesson goals there may also be other requirements such as the ability to share your screen. Be sure to discuss any relevant requirements before your lesson time so you are ready to go when its time.