Spectator mode boosts LoL learning

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The development of spectator mode in League of Legends was largely driven by the game's skyrocketing popularity as an eSport but its implementation has brought some unexpected learning benefits. As Valkrin points out, "Spectator mode will provide the community with a powerful tool to enjoy the competitive scene."

More focused coaching

Before spectator mode, a League of Legends coach was required to either join a game with their student or watch a shared screen that was often glitch or slow. Now coaches are free to concentrate on what they are there for, coaching. Moreover, the ability to lock the camera on a given champion, coaches will be in a position to provide more specific and insightful advice.

The only real negative is that the new LoL lesson tool won't be available for ranked games, and so games will have to be filled with ring-ins who may not be at the appropriate skill level for the lesson.

Big picture analysis

With the ability to turn off the fog of war, comes the ability to analyse a given game in its entirety. Questions that could previously only be answered with guesses, can now answered definitively.

For example, every LoL player has experienced the frustration of knowing an enemy champion was nearby and within reach, if only they could find them. In fact, cleverly avoiding being cornered and taking unexpected escape routes has become a fundamental skill of top players. So what better way to learn then to see friends do it live and in full view?

Compare and contrast

Arguably the biggest improvement to learning to play League of Legends is the ability to compare and contrast hard data in real time. Spectators can see exactly how much gold both teams have accrued, towers destroyed, and enemies killed. Better yet, individual champion statistics and items can be observed.

Where in the past avid stream watchers were used to hearing their favourite players yell out, "worth it", only to have no clue what that meant or if it was true, they can now make real judgements - seeing the whole field like traditional sports telecasts! Was this champion kill worth giving up that tower? Does gold on that champion translate to enemy kills? Is it better to gank or concentrate on creep kills? All of these answers are now clear for the eye to see.

Everyone becomes a teacher

Learning by example is a staple of all educational endeavours and now all LoL players can learn from each other's examples. Rusty of Team Gamecom agrees, "Spectator mode allows people of all skill levels to observe people of all skill levels." HamiltonMattress of Sequential Gaming further highlights this ability, stating amateur players, "can watch high Elo featured games and gather knowledge from the best players."

Try it and see

So, if you are learning a new League of Legends concept, try the new spectator mode. If you like it you can even book a lesson and ask your coach to use it.

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