Are League of Legends lessons helping?

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If you've been playing League of Legends for a while, you've no doubt seen or at least heard about,people providing League of Legends lessons. If you've read the North American LoL forums then you've seen it all, paid lessons, free lessons, famous coaches, not so famous coaches, and the list goes on. But is all this League of Legends coaching actually doing any good? -- Please get in touch and share your LoL lesson story with us.

Let's break it down into how a typical LoL lesson proceeds nowadays.

The booking

First, the student has to find a place to get their coaching, which really means they have to find a coach or team rather than an institution. They might do it through the official forums, famous team websites, or Google, all of which is so hit and miss they may as well hire their barber. There's no skill comparison, no price options, and no independent vetting.

Once they find a LoL coach they are willing to try, they have to guess at how a lesson should be booked. Is it email? Is it Skype? Is the coach in the same time zone? Do they still give lessons? Then, when they finally get in touch and have a few conversations they might find that coaching rates aren't what they were expecting, or rates have changed, or that they need to provide payment via carrier pigeon.

The way it should be: effortless, painless, and relevant.

The lesson

If the student gets to the actual lesson, they are doing pretty well. At least they will be able to solve the mystery of what they actually get for their money because lesson plans just don't exist. League of Legends coaches just ask on the spot, “What do you want to talk about?” After which, the next hour is usually just a random number generator. The format, the tempo, and agenda are all just made up on the spot. Sometimes a lucky student will win the lottery and get exactly what they want but most of the time all they get is a debit in their bank account.

The way it should be: no risk, goal-oriented, and structured.

The aftermath

When the student finishes their lesson they are waved goodbye and told to get in touch if they want another. But what happens between now and then? There is never a mention of “homework” or exercises to attain the student's goals, as if a one hour lesson would magically make them the next HotshotGG.

And if someone has a bad experience? Well, that's just tough! The independent coach is judge, jury, and the Federal Reserve. The best a student can hope for is that the coach listens to their complaint and perhaps works a little differently with the next student, but there aren't any formal feedback loops or ongoing quality improvement programs.

The way it should be: long-lasting, measured, and constantly improving.

The conclusion

As it stands, the average League of Legends lesson provides very little consistent value to the student. Sure, there are people having amazing coaching experiences but they are far outnumbered by those who aren't or those who just don't have a good comparison.

  • Finding a suitable coach is difficult
  • Booking and scheduling is manual and crude
  • Payment is risky
  • Student goals are rarely addressed
  • Lessons are unplanned and lack structure
  • Coaches are ill-equipped, ill-prepared, and lack any training
  • Lessons exist in a one hour vacuum without thought of future progress
  • There is no recourse when expectations are not met
  • Feedback loops don't exist and services are not improved
  • Information on any aspect of coaching experiences is scarce

If elementary school tutoring or soccer coaching functioned like League of Legends lessons, parents would be knocking on doors demanding explanations.

Doing it right

So how do we turn around an industry riding its good fortune and ripping off unsuspecting customers? The answer: everyone needs to demand more; more professionalism, more accountability, more quality, and more transparency. Do not accept any less.

At Gamer Institute, we recognise that things need to change if League of Legends coaching is to ever become truly useful to the average gamer.

  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee
  • We tailor lessons based on goals and instructions provided during the booking process
  • We have coaches to suite all budgets, skillsets and schedules
  • We have a feedback form that is always read and actioned by our support staff
  • Our coaches are instructed on etiquette, teaching, and lesson planning

We're also busily working on a fully automated booking system which will handle all scheduling and availability negotiations precisely and effortlessly.

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