Making it as a female gamer

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Whether we like it or not, females have traditionally not had an easy time competing in sports, from both a performance and audience perspective. Without the physicality of brute force however, professional gaming provides an even playing field. A man has absolutely no physical advantage over a woman and it’s time women started sticking it to men. Not only that, it’s damn cool being a female gamer. Check out America’s Next Top Model, aka Guild Master Adrianne Curry talking about her experiences pwning noobs.

Let your gaming do the talking

As you move up the ranks and get better, you will no doubt be presented with opportunities to swap gaming time for commentating, reviewing, modelling and other endeavours. While these can all be great things for your career, be careful that they don’t negatively impact on your gaming. The important thing is not to end up in a position where you are using statements like, "...but I did pretty well for a girl.” Let your gaming results defend your honour so you don’t have to.

Don’t get distracted

This point is really just an extension of the above. Unfortunately life as a competitive female gamer is still haunted by bad manners, sexism and various other nonsense. Don’t let yourself get sucked in and distracted by the drama. Just pretend it isn’t happening. Keep pwning!

Market yourself strategically

While your gender can be a distraction in competitive gaming, it can also be a very powerful marketing tool. The reality is that at this stage not many female gamers are involved with the top tier of eSports. This gives you a very great opportunity to create a very unique brand. Sure you need to avoid the situations described above but why not use all the tools at your disposal to make things easier for yourself?

Find the right team

Surround yourself with great players who aren’t going to cause the drama you are trying to avoid. This can be hard but if you let your gaming do the talking, you will meet people who respect your skills and don’t care about your gender. Worst comes to worst, forget about voice chat and let everyone assume you are a guy.

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