The Team

Growing up, we were never terribly good at sports. It’s like we had two left feet, but wanted to bend it like Beckham. Sports had so much to do with self-esteem growing up. Kids can be so cruel. Back then Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson ruled the cool. You could either be great at the tongue wagging layup, or the head nodding moonwalk. Our lack of athleticism meant that either was a challenge. Needless to say we were uncool.

The Gamer Institute team photo
The team cold lampin' (and trying not to look too geeky). Photo by Giacomo James Zadro Photography

Fast forward to today. There’s a new trend brewing for the hand-eye uncoordinated. A new highly compelling "that's not a real sport!?" sport has emerged; one that brings with it possibility of global superstardom, public acclaim and most important of all meaningful wealth. And yes, we are still uncool.

We are a team of people who are passionate about gaming, helping people, and building sound businesses. We are riding the eSports wave to a place where competitive gaming sits comfortably amongst football, basketball, and other sports in popular culture.

Daniel Grzelak, Founder and CEO

Daniel joins the team after helping build Australia’s biggest and most successful information security consultancy, stratsec. He claims to oversee the “vision” of the company but that’s just a euphemism for not doing anything at all.

Favourite games: Duke Nukem 3D, Command & Conquer - Red Alert, Quake Team Fortress, World of Warcraft

Semin Nurkic, Founder and CTO

Semin is the technical wizard behind the GI platform and brings a wealth of information technology management, design and implementation experience to the team. If stuff doesn’t work it’s probably his fault! Make sure to abuse him on Twitter.

Favourite games: Warcraft II (yes, II!), Sierra Classics (Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, Police Quest, King’s Quest)

Bosco Tan, Founder and COO

As a business strategy consultant Bosco helps big business deliver big strategies, but his true calling is building businesses he is passionate about from the ground up. If we do something useful or popular, he probably made it happen.

Favourite games: NBA Jam Arcade, Fifa ’97, Madden 2k3