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In early 2011 the gaming industry reached a turning point it had been prophesising for years, eSports was becoming a reality. On the back of this, in April 2011 three long-time friends from Australia pooled their time, resources and experience to form Gamer Institute. Starting with the online game League of Legends, Gamer Institute is making it possible for the average Joe to make a living playing games and become a worldwide superstar.


  • “Gaming is no longer an activity confined to the unhygienic teenage geek” – Daniel Grzelak
  • “Athletics jocks will soon be replaced with superstar geeks” – Daniel Grzelak
  • "Who ever thought competitive keyboard tapping would become a billion dollar industry?" – Bosco Tan
  • "In an age of reality television, who could be more everyday hero than the average looking computer gamer?" – Bosco Tan
  • “Technology is at the point where education through audio or text only no longer makes sense” – Semin Nurkic
  • "eLearning is about as close to actually sitting in a real class room as it gets without being hit by a paper plane " – Semin Nurkic

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